About the Artist

Brad McLaws, a nineteen-year Park City resident, is a self-taught artist who gathers inspiration and ideas from the arts, science and the natural world.

Strangely enough, Brad discovered his passion for creating while getting his MBA.  Prior to business school, he had never considered himself an artistic person.  However, a class on creativity in business inspired him and triggered a self-awareness about the joy of creating that changed his life.  Since that time, Brad’s life has revolved around pursuing creative endeavors, be it the development of new products or painting.

Brad started painting 22 years ago.  He and his wife Chris had purchased their first home in Kansas, but had little money left to furnish it.   Staring at a blank wall, he decided that if he couldn’t afford artwork to hang over the couch, he would create some himself.  With a $40 investment in canvas, brushes and paint, he crafted his first piece.  The pleasure of painting triggered a life-long passion that has been fruitful and personally fulfilling.

Brad’s paintings have historically centered on two areas:  abstract images with swirling colors and on the realistic paintings of nature subjects, particularly Utah’s indigenous red rock formations, mountains, and aspen groves.  This “Innervated Tree” series represents a new direction for 2012.

When he’s not painting, Brad is as a management consultant, focusing on strategic innovation.  He is a co-founder of SagePoint Group, which assists companies around the world in developing growth strategies and innovative new products.  Brad is also an adjunct professor at the Marriott School of Business at BYU, and teaches classes on innovation and strategy to MBA students.   Brad and Chris have three grown children, their best creative effort.