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  1. These are my favorite pieces ever done. I’m so glad I found your art work while visiting Whole Foods in Park City, UT. Keep up the good work!

  2. Just to be honest, the art work is very good and I for one I am humbled because this is the time I am learning that you can also paint those nice pictures. Congratulations for the wonderful and beautiful art work.
    I like them so much, when I was at junior secondary school I had interest in drawing but and I used to find pleasure in drawing and I liked it so much, but as for now I cant even draw what I used to draw.
    Otherwise keep up with the wonderful art work.

  3. This is great work. I didn’t know Brad painted too! Very talented. One of my goals in life is to learn to paint. This is very inspirational work.

  4. Thanks Mario. I think I may have mentioned that I discovered my “creative” side in MBA school of all the strange places. I started painting shortly after leaving school. I highly recommend it as an avocation in addition to your business career. It helps balance out your personality. Remember you don’t need to learn to paint. You paint to learn. Just get in and try it. Don’t expect much, just enjoy it and eventually things will start to emerge.

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